Our Programs – Academics

Children of Peace is a place for learning. That is the reason for our existence. Nothing must stand in the way of a child receiving the best possible education we can offer. We strongly believe that a challenging, demanding program integrated with a creative and supportive environment will produce students who WILL succeed.

While we value academic excellence, Children of Peace School also feels strongly about building a student’s character strengths. We focus on the following themes to offer positive messages to make every student feel valuable, competent, and worthy. The following themes presented are: Courtesy, Responsibility, Caring & Sharing, Goal Setting, Honesty, Feelings, Health and Prevention, and Esteem.

We are proud to offer the following for our students:

  • Academic programs that support different needs and learning styles: Montessori, traditional and deaf/ hard of hearing.
  • Faith based learning that promotes common values throughout a diverse student population.
  • Sign language instruction.
  • Through our partnership with Rush, we have a State of the Art Science Lab and technology rich classrooms:
    • Students in grades pre-k to 8 use shared laptop computers in the classroom.
    • Each classroom has an Inter-Active Smart Board and teacher devices including cameras, iPads, and voting devices.

The Core Academic Curriculum includes:

  • Reading
  • Language Arts (Grammar, Composition skills)
  • Writing (in every curriculum area)
  • Math
  • Spelling (in every curriculum area)
  • Religion
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Penmanship

Special Programs:

Title I Program: This federally funded program provides small group instruction and individual tutoring for students in grades K-8 who need additional instruction and reinforcement of reading and math skills.

Music Program: Weekly music classes provide instruction in voice as well as the basic elements of rhythm and harmony.

Art: All students receive weekly instruction in art to learn about various art elements and different artists.

Physical Education: Gym is offered once a week for all grades. Instruction includes exercises for a healthy body and games that allow for continued motor and skill development.

Executive Functioning Program: Executive Functions are the mental processes that underlie goal setting, planning, sequencing, prioritization, and organization skills essential for school and life success. The Executive Functioning Intervention Curriculum helps students to set goals in several areas: academic, social, family, physical, and personal.

Students are instructed in yearly, monthly and daily planning using an assignment notebook referred as a “planner”. Skills to be taught are goal setting, long and short planning, self-monitoring and evaluation of progress and time management of shorter individualized tasks.

Safe Environment Training: The Safe Environment Training Program is a personal safety program to teach students how recognize dangerous behavior and gives them tools to help protect themselves. The program is used with students in grades K-8.


Standards Based Report Cards Information

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