Current Families – Parent Association

The mission of the Parent Association is to help and support the entire school community including its students, parents, administration, faculty, and staff to meet the goals, values, and mission of the school.  It aims to do this in ways of appreciation, celebrations, social opportunities, traditions, and volunteering by the parents.  Our Parent Association takes pride in assisting to create sound minds and bodies and enhancing the lively and nurtured spirit of the Catholic school community.

The members of PA make these school activities possible:

  • Welcome to School Activity
  • Fall Activity: Pre-K, Montessori, Kindergarten
  • Winter: Activity Grades 5-8
  • Catholic Schools Week Appreciation to Teachers and Students
  • Teacher Appreciation Week and Luncheon (May)
  • Spring Activity: Grades 1-4
  • Graduation Luncheon
  • Room Parents
  • Recruiting and Organizing Parent Volunteers for School Sponsored Events 

We are always looking for parents that are dedicated, sincere, and motivated to help energize and give back to our school community. We meet the first Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. To learn more about the parent association, send an email to our Parent Association Chairperson, Mrs. Ashley McLaughlin, at