Our Programs – Traditional (Pre-K – 8)

Children of Peace helps children develop a love of learning with passionate teachers who develop grade appropriate curriculum and continually encourage student to explore and ask questions.


•Main objective is to introduce students to their first learning environment through structured lessons and playtime.
•Socialization skills are introduced which is a building block for future success.


•Children begin to learn about the world around them and focus on basic skills such as reading and math. The focus is on tasks, starting and finishing what is asked of them.
•More structure is added to their day to establish a foundation of what is to come and homework is given.

Grades 1 – 3

•Main objective is to create a solid foundation for learning through focus on the fundamentals and critical thinking skills.
•Spiritual focus is on Reconciliation and First Communion.

Grades 4-6

•Main objective is to create good study habits and good behavior, the building blocks of learning.
•Students are encouraged to become more independent, taking ownership of their education and spiritual development.

Grades 7-8

•Main objective is to prep for high school and beyond, students learn the fundamentals of time and use of technology increases.
•Focus on spiritual development, culminating in Confirmation in 8th grade, with preparations beginning in 7th grade.